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Laruicci All Photos are courtesy of Pervis Ross PR.

Upon entering into the world of Laruicci's jewelry, itís plain to see that the collection of eccentric jewelry is complex, original, and most of all, glamorous. In a range of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and cuffs, two main motifs string the pieces together: vibrant colors and large stones, as well as geometric and claw-like shapes. Although it seems Laruicci is cut from two seemingly diametrically opposed viewpoints, another story emerges upon closer observation, that is of juxtaposition and opposites carefully intertwined, and co-existing in harmony.
Laruicci pieces evoke images of high society, extravagance and lust. Underlying inspiration for designer Lauren Ruicciís SSí12 collection came from her time in Pompeii, before Mount Vesuvius erupted. She relayed, “I saw a vibrant culture with love, sex, and seaside living, hot days and fine ladies wearing noble extravagant finery, but more excessive, and exaggerated, and all the girls showing off to each other on holiday. Sunning themselves in nothing but necklaces by day, and dancing in wild fire light by night, fueled, by wine, greed, fame, and lust all while wearing their most coveted jewelry.” This impassioned creative voice is reflected in the statement pieces that the designer created with large and colorful stones. Laruicci encapsulates every ounce of this fiery energy and oozes a sexiness and elegance that is transmitted to the wearer. Because of this vibrancy in each piece, it is no surprise that famous names and glamazons such as Beyonce and Rihanna have donned Laruicci for events, music videos, and more. Dozens upon dozens of high-end fashion magazines have also picked up on the Laruicci buzz, and the line has been featured in mostly every publication from Vogue to Harperís Bazaar.


On the other side of the collection, we find sharp angles, sword-like figures, and a metallic color palette with dazzling gold and silver finishes. Ruicci says, “These are themes that I will always explore. I love how people react to the sharp stuff!” Certainly, the contrast between light and dark is a balancing act, which the collection accomplishes beautifully. “(The) sharp and glamorous have always inspired me, otherworldly and exotic are the direction that I am constantly grasping at. Playing with the relationship between danger and glamor together has always fascinated me too.”
Laruicci is all-encompassing and far-reaching in design. It is minimalist, yet exotic, and draws inspiration from the designerís travels. The “Laruicci Girl” is at once completely at ease in the spotlight and commands attention. “The purpose of Laruicci Jewelry is to inspire buoyancy and self-confidence in everyone who wears it. In a sense, the pieces can be thought of as ‘power extenders’, with a nod toward invincible armor”.


When asked what pieces she would create for her dream collection, Ruicci responds, “Iím creating my dream collection every day, and putting it out there for the world to see” There are big plans in the works for this upcoming Fashion Week. The accessory line will be showing in September, and the designer gave us a glimpse of whatís to come: “Laruicci is party jewelry that looks best in the spotlight, with a penchant for attracting the best of the fashion set, inspiring their next big ideas, and a lifestyle of extreme confidence for the wearer. It is made specifically for nightlife, wild dancing, self-expression, fashion, and the music scenes. We have so many people to thank for our success along the way, and one flashy party is the best way to say thank you.”

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