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M U S E :   B E   I N S P I R E D
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Vestal magazine focuses on art, women's fashion and beauty exhibited through high-quality editorials, ingenious photography and writing from many gifted talents around the world to lead the way to spawn intellectual global conversations in fashion, beauty, photography, modeling, and the arts. The print version has been carefully edited to offer the most impeccable taste concentrating on a well-thought balance of chic and edge.

In art, the Muse is everything. From Picasso and his many Muses to Hitchcock and his heroines, from Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick to Alexander McQueen and Daphne Guinness. For each artist, every one of those women became The Woman, the lifeblood in their life’s work.

In the Muse Issue, we have sought to bring you the best of modern Muses. We hope to share an insight into the mystifying women, and men, inspiring emerging and established artists all over the world. We peer into the fetishized world of the ultimate New York City Muse and artist, Andrea Mary Marshall and enter the rare world of the male Muse, in the form of Tony Ward, a man who has served as inspiration for many greats, from Karl Lagerfeld to Madonna. We look at the iconic ‘bad girls’ of popular culture, defying the standards of society, from the dark depths of Amy Winehouse to the deeply tragic but equally magic life of the legendary songstress, Whitney Houston. We take you to London, to visit the eccentric street characters inspiring rising photographer Anthony Lycett, and pay homage to the Grand Dame of High Fashion, Diana Vreeland.
Above all, we hope this issue of Vestal is a portal of inspiration to all aspiring artists out there, may you find your Muse.

- Sukriti Wahi
Contributing Editors: Daniela Groza, Steven Tate, Royal Young, G. Vandercrimp, Hannah Shakir, Alison Ryncarz, David Belisle
Contributing Photographers: Hordur Ingason, Ruben Kristiansen, Sascha Heintze, Anthony Lycett, Remi Kozdra and Kasia Baczulis, Piotr Porebsky, Tomek Jankowski, Andrea Mary Marshall, Stefan Milev, Laurie Clark, Mark Cant, Malcolm Pate, Lindsay Adler, Kyoko Munakata, Desiree Mattsson, Romy Treebusch, Rachel Schraven, Paulie Wax
Contributing Stylists: Mark Tan, Mim Stang, Romaim Liegaux, Tania Rat-Patron, Michal Pajonk and Radoslaw Baginski, Jason Hughes, Laura Van Der Spek, Michelle Kelly, LSC, Karina Tanabe Jones, Jalal de Boer, Doru Loboka, Maaike Peek, Zarina Humayun
Contributing Illustrator & Graphics: Natalia Jheté, Jodi Taylor, Carolina Aubele, Nina Mathijsen

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