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VESTAL Hard Copy (Mayberry Cover)

VESTAL Hard Copy (Mayberry Cover)


In Vestal Mag we meet Lauren Mayberry, Cordell Broadus and Dillon Westbrock, among others. Vestal also presents: Pablo Delfos, Timothy Smith, Vins Baratta, Alex van der Steen, Greg Jones, Danilo Hess, Stefan Milev, Mark Cant and Andrea Massari. Not quite a magazine, nor exactly a book, Vestal is rather a hybrid object; a polyphonic work marching to the beat of ten chapters focused on Q&A’s. It is a kind of magazine with its own unique look & feel crafted by Kevin Sinclair. Vestal is setting our times to words and images. The present of Vestal is a time designed to last, explored and revisited. Like a collection of short stories or a beloved record we leave to one side, only to come back to it, time and again. Produced in english.

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