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model talk Friday: Dreams do come true. Joseph Oxley on style and his break into fashion

Soul Artist managements latest 21 year old American model, Joseph Oxley, talks about his most memorable photo shoots and his personal style in this new exclusive interview.

KEVIN SINCLAIR: What words would you use to describe your style?

JOSEPH OXLEY: I have the type of personality and confidence to pull off any look. One day I am edgy cow boy and the next day a Japanese/ street wear guy.  

KEVIN: How did you start modeling?

JOSEPH: It all started as a dream in high school.  I came to New York City from Maryland and I didn’t know how to start modeling. But luckily I had a little bit of advice from my church pastors. I know... this already sounds crazy. But they are fashion designers and influencers in my community and they know the industry very well. They pushed me to go to see agencies and I began to do so. I think I must have gone to all of them in NYC. Some payed me no mind and others entertained me than rejected me. “You look like Ian Connor but you are too commercial for us” one of them told me. Any way, Sunday came and I decided to attend church. We were given a task by my pastor to write down our goals and dreams and to pray for them. I had so many and I put modeling on the list as one of them. That is when my journey began. 

A good friend of mine knew someone at Dune studios in NYC and invited me to work there since I was currently looking for work. So the next day I am in this huge photography space with tons of studios and I’m working at the coffee bar and a photographer and producer working at Bloomingdales approached me. I told them about my life and how I started working at Dune studios. I said to them “Jesus got me a new Job to work here!” And because of my personality and joyfulness they invited me on their set to do a test shoot during lunch break which boosted my confidence. The next couple of days randomly Jason Rodgers a photographer who shoots editorials for SZA and campaigns for Adidas invites me on to his set. He say to me “bro, you got to get signed with an agency”. He sent out photos of me to all his personal contacts. A few weeks later I am at church and I’m getting ready to practice my trumpet and I receive an email from Greg Vaughn and he is telling me Soul Artist Mgmt. wants to meet with me. It was a dream come true and the rest is history!


KEVIN: What do you want your style to say about who you are?

JOSEPH: Style speaks. And it says that I can’t be stopped and that I’m not to be played with but also that I’m fun and cool. I love colors but I can be fierce. 

KEVIN: Who inspires you, and why?

JOSEPH: I would have to say Luka Sabbat. Because he is also not that tall like me but he is killing it.

KEVIN: What is your favorite modeling experience so far & why?

JOSEPH OXLEY: My favorite was my last shoot I did with under amour. First day of the new year I booked a huge campaign! It was soo fun!! The producer reached out to me through Instagram Because my agency was closed for the break. I was asked for a running video and I was able to send one but since she was in New Orleans, it was hard getting the video right. So I ended up sending a tone of videos. It was a great start because they really wanted me!!! The shoot took place in New Orleans. It was very intense but the vibe was so fun and electric and I made some great connections out there! 

KEVIN: What is your favorite store to shop at, and how would you describe the overall vibe of the store?

JOSEPH OXLEY: My favorite store is my closet! Hahah everyday I shop in my closet with the mind set that these clothes are new. So it keep me on my toes. But when I do go shopping I have a few top pics. Like Dr martins and Nike. Other than buying shoes lots of my clothes are donations and golden gems from thrift shops. But there is this one store called Have A Good Time. It’s in the Lower Eastside. A Japanese street wear brand. 

KEVIN: What are you listening to at the moment? 

JOSEPH OXLEY: Numb - Sabrina Claudio

KEVIN: What are the first items you gravitate toward when shopping?

JOSEPH OXLEY: Shirts and jackets other than that I normally wear simple pants. But being a strategic shopper each shopping trip is made with a purpose. So if I go into a store I have my mind set up already. 

KEVIN: What’s your favorite fashion trend of the moment?

JOSEPH OXLEY: I just got into leather cowboy boots. Dr Martens are more of a punk rock star look I normally gravitate to. I also never really follow trends. Maybe the bubble coats which is trending at the moment.

KEVIN: What items do you repeatedly wear?

JOSEPH OXLEY: Black jeans 

KEVIN: How does your style fit into your lifestyle?

JOSEPH OXLEY: Style and creativity is the key in my life style. It allows me to open up doors in life, meet new people and network. I dress to impress. The only place it does not fit is in the gym. I have a unique life style and a unique style. I can’t call my style one thing. 

KEVIN: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

JOSEPH OXLEY: I play and teach trumpet!!

KEVIN: If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be?

JOSEPH OXLEY: ASAP Rocky’s closet. He is super dope. I feel like we have the same vibe and taste. I appreciate his style a lot. I would also want to raid Jaden Smiths closet as well. I know he has to have some hidden rooms in there with some vintage hand me downs from when his pops was on Fresh Prince of bel air days. 

KEVIN: Picture yourself in three years, what are you wearing?

JOSEPH OXLEY: Designed platforms from black Dr Martens.

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