Future Rave

We adore the flirty skirts and ornate outfits that have taken over festival fashion, but it wasn’t always so. Just as dance music has evolved over the years, rave fashion has evolved with it. Some trends from previous generations of the rave community are still around today, but have been altered to appeal to the new generation of ravers. Read more


Model talk Friday

Soul Artist managements latest 21 year old American model, Joseph Oxley, talks about his most memorable photo shoots and his personal style in this new exclusive interview.

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It’s Orwell

What is old school fashion? Its ingredients are that of fashions from the late1970s through 1980s. Our fashion conscious young adults and teens are the source for bringing back old school fashion. We all can remember the top hats and numerous petticoats era of our past and you can be assured that fashion trends have definitely come a long way. Some of you might say “thank goodness” for that and yet others would say bring our history of fashions back for another run.

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Is a contemporary Unisex brand specialized in creating high quality products with a focus on detail and material uniqueness. Techniques such as embroidery, prints and textile manipulation in combination with strong shapes are at the core of the brand’s spirit. It's a reconstruction of classical forms by providing them with new contexts and modern proportions, juxtapositioning the rough and refined. All products are born and made in Germany.

After graduating with a Master's degree in menswear from ArtEZ in Arnhem, the Netherlands, Verena Schepperheyn launched her own label in Berlin. The brand has won the Premium Young Designers Award 2016 for the best Menswear Label, has been one of the selected designers to show with NJAL at Who's Next 2016 and has been nominated for the German Design Award 2016 and the WGSN Future Award 2016 in the category 'Avery Dennison Emerging Brand'.

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As two of art’s major mediums, painting and photography are typically perceived as entirely independent practices. Though it is not uncommon for an artist to dabble in both brushwork and camerawork separately, some creatives even combine the crafts within the same piece. In this collection of paintings merged with photographs, we explore the many ways that modern and contemporary artists have mastered this form of mixed media.

The selected works predominantly span surreal portraiture and whimsical landscapes. Most, however, are digitally-altered composites. No matter the method, graphic designer and Laurie van Houts and photographer Nathalie Hennis proves that painting and photography are a perfect match.

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Raise the curtain

This winter has been harsh, and that means there is still plenty of time to wear an elegant coat. These designer collections shot by Rachel Schraven offers some sophisticated options ranging from sweeping long silhouettes to cropped aviator styles. A color palette of beige, grey and white works perfectly with your winter wardrobe.

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A brief moment

Let's think back in time, how lingerie has changed over the decades. Underwear was originally designed to serve several purposes – changing a woman’s shape, preserving her modesty and for hygiene reasons. Women have worn rib-crushing corsets, bandaged their chests to get an androgynous silhouette and burned their bras as a statement of liberation – put mildly, underwear matters. From bloomers to thongs, pointy brassieres to push-up bras, the history of lingerie reveals a lot about women’s changing role in society – how we perceive ourselves and how we’re viewed by others. While most women were trussed up in girdles, notorious 1940s pin-up Bettie Page made her name wearing more risqué lingerie. Whips, rubber and bondage gear were her regular accessories, but her signature style was demure in classic stockings, French knickers and a bra. The girlie style of the 1960s gave way to a more sophisticated, womanly look in the 1970s with luxurious fabrics like silk and lace in elegant designs but the 1980s is the decade that brought us thongs, g-strings and the bodysuit and the ‘90s were defined by a cool minimalism, personified by the newest supermodels on the block, in the gritty black and white ads for Calvin Klein. The branded waistband of the underwear became a style status symbol, and were soon to be spotted poking above the waistband of jeans the world over. Today American brand such as Victoria’s Secret is the biggest lingerie seller in the world. Their catwalk shows are now legendary to the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid strutting their stuff in elaborate carnival-style costumes (and teeny-tiny pants).

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Model Sophia Quantius heads to the the seaside. Lensed by Marco Bertani, the brunette model wears the season’s prettiest dresses and gowns. Stylist Carlotta Borgogna selects the designs of Silvia Heach, Semicouture, Liviana Conti and more. Posing alongside Liguria, near Varazze (Passeggiata Europa), Sophia channels a festive mood.

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Minimalism was, and still is, first and foremost, a lifestyle - a way of removing everything (physically and mentally) that can be deemed unfulfilling and not practical, with the aim of enjoying a fuller life. The movement can be summed up with a simple "less is more" approach to life, which some folks take to the extreme. However, you don't need a capsule wardrobe to be a minimalist, so fashion lovers don’t worry about getting rid of your favorite designer pieces just yet. Here are some inspired essentials for your capsule wardrobe and home decor collection photographed by Gabriel Orlowski.

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Gloss Theory explores a variety of gleaming beauty options that range from minimal and natural to surreal and graphic. Although some of the looks would have been especially perfect for the holiday season that just past, the dewy skinned ones are particularly suited for the upcoming spring season, which is often all about renewal.

Shot in studio by photographer Danilo Hess and art directed by Brooke Farrigton.

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