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dear reader,

established recens paper in 2013, youth driven media platforms taking young people seriously were lacking. it was at the time unprecedented that youth would have impact in the global cultural conversation. recens paper soon became a magazine with «progressive ideals and post-digital aesthetic, at peak relevance in a season of fashion collections offering their interpretations of androgyny, individuality, and every possible permutation of youth subculture» (ssense, 2016). a celebration of youth culture generated by youth culture. recens is the ultimate showcase of young talent under the age of 25, a platform to bring young people’s creative narrative into print and into newsstands – a celebration of youth culture generated by youth culture. «recens paper is challenging the print magazine status quo, offering a space for young people to showcase their work whilst breaking down stereotypes of gender and race» (i-d, 2016) recens paper was included in highsnobiety’s list of “the world’s top 5 alternative fashion magazines” and artforum’s “top 5 magazines of 2017”. “ recens has landed a place on the shelves of tate modern, dover street market, 10 corso como, palais de tokyo, colette and opening ceremony” (highsnobiety, 2016).

four years and seven issues on, the 18-year old former editor-in-chief has decided to step down to make way for a newer, younger editor. the last issue of recens as-we-know-it was published in september 2017. to find out more about the decision, read elise’s resignation letter <here>.

yours, the recens team