Creative Director Kevin Sinclair

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Jacket Private Policy. Long rib sweather Rick Owens. Pleated long skirt Saint Laurent. Boots Dr. Martins

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Dress Pat Bo. Boots Dr. Martins. Sweater dress wrapped around waist Rick Owens . RIGHT: Hooded cotton sweater Private Policy. Zip-front leather skirt Saint Laurent

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Rain coat Stutterheim. Turtle neck sweater Prada. Skirt and boots vintage PHI. Leggings around head Wolford. Baseball cap Epoch. Necklace Sasha’s own RIGHT: Turtle neck sweater Saint Laurent. Hat Dakine. Necklace Givenchy

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Jacket Lie Sangbong. Leather pants vintage PHI

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Jacket Private Policy. Pleated long skirt Saint Laurent. Sweater Rick Owens. Boots Dr. Martins. RIGHT: Turtle neck wool sweater Saint Laurent. Hat Dakine. Necklace Givenchy. Skirt Vintage PHI

Photographer Kevin Sinclair. Artist Sasha Belyaeva @ System Management. Hair stylist Charles McNair. Make up Manami Ishikawa

34. Button down shirt with tank top Federica Tosi. Baseball cap Epoch. Durag stylist own

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Jacket Lie Sangbong. Turtle neck Prada. Leather pants vintage PHI. Boots Dr. Martins RIGHT: Ribbed stretch-knit midi skirt Joseph. Jacket vintage PHI. Turtle neck Prada. Boots Dr. Matins

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Hooded sweatshirt Nike. Jacket Diesel Black Gold. Earring Givenchy. Wool cap Epoch

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Blouse Lie Sangbong. Pleated skirt Versace. Necklace Givenchy. Boots Dr. Martins