b. 1986, HK.

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Contributing Editors :

Kevin Sinclair

David Gargiulo
Steven Tate
Roberto Covi
Patrick Jendrusch
Anthony Pedraza
Alexandra Deangelis

Cleo Casini
Karin Tan
Elsa Canedo
Fumi Nakagawa
Andrea Claire
Eddie Vervloet










Vestal magazine focuses on art, men’s and women’s fashion. Its goal is to provide a fresh alternative to traditional publications and represent the changing faces of fashion and social culture. You will find in this volume work exhibited through minimalistic high-quality photography and writing  to spawn a global conversations in fashion, beauty, photography, modeling, and the arts. Our readers are spread across the globe and they find in Vestal a unifying force in the fashion culture, inspiring and challenging them to see things differently in this modern fast paced society.

This magazine has been a personal journey of mine, that in many ways has been more about restraint. When I first decided to create Vestal I went through a lesson in editing and learned to break down ideas to their very essence. My aim is to bring Vestal to the basic elements without inserting high drama and keeping the quality fresh and simple.

Kevin Sinclair